Daniel Trust, Youth Motivational Speaker
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Daniel Trust Lectures
285 Fairfield Avenue Bridgeport, CT 06604 | (203)-345-3573
www.DanielTrust.com | Lectures@DanielTrust.com
"After first hearing of Daniel's story at the 2014 True Colors Conference, I knew I wanted to invite him to the high school I served in inner city Boston. I knew that my students could be powerfully moved by Daniel's life story, shaped by his experience as a survivor of genocide, as a LBGTQ+ -identified person and advocate, and his identity as an immigrant to the U.S. from Africa. His message of strength, forgiveness, and self-value moved me and my students, who were already asking if he would be coming back the day after his presentation. I for one hope that he does come back, to our high school and to other schools in Boston and the inner cities."
Alexander Lamothe
City Year Boston
"I haven't stopped talking about your presentation to everyone I have seen today. You were incredible, Daniel. Thank you for coming to William Paterson and speaking to us today. I'm still moved to tears when I think about what I've learned today from you. Your strength today gave me strength and showed me that I can get through anything. Just as you said, we can do anything as long as we set our minds to it. You are a miracle in this world and I think you are coming to find your place. God put you on this journey for a reason, and I truly believe that the world is fortunate and a better place because it has you. May God bless you & may all of your dreams come true." 

William Paterson University
Daniel Trust is a nationally recognized youth motivational speaker and founder of the Daniel Trust Foundation, a Connecticut based non-profit organization that helps students from low-income communities with their educational and career needs, and honors educators, who go above and beyond to help these students succeed in school and in their personal lives. Daniel’s story and philanthropic efforts have been featured in both local and national publications including the Hartford CourantNew Haven Register and Connecticut Post. He’s also appeared on daytime talk shows like Better Connecticut, Connecticut Style and Our Lives. In 2014, Connecticut Magazine listed him to its 40 Under 40 List. Daniel is a father of two adopted sons and lives in Bridgeport, Connecticut.